Youredi Announces Technology Partnership with Logentia

Helsinki, Finland. February 10th, 2016 – Youredi, the leading provider of data integration solutions as a service for global e-commerce, finance and logistics, is partnering with Logentia Ltd. The partnership will provide a fully integrated optimal transport selection and transportation invoice control solution with proactive alerting and monitoring for any global company sourcing for transportation services. Recognized as a ‘Visionary’ by Gartner in 2015, Youredi’s integration platform is agile, cost-effective, and aligned with the needs of all businesses, regardless of size.

“Logentia is thrilled that a company like Youredi is complementing our Optimal Transport Selection and Invoice Control solution with transparent and agile integration platform as a service, that has a great track record globally”, said Eero Valovirta, Managing Partner of Logentia Ltd. “Their integration technology offers tremendous opportunity for companies of all sizes to optimize their supply chain logistics. Youredi’s business model is modern, adding value to customers, with minimal up-front investment. Not only merchants will benefit, but also logistics companies being able to proactively offer a better service”.

„Youredi is excited about this cooperation with Logentia. Our integration platform has been built to ensure efficient business-to-business integrations, providing full transparency to data flows across different applications, organizations and continents. Logentia is utilizing our full stack of services. The added-value to any customer globally is evident, for example the integrated invoice control is 100% fault free, freeing up all manual work with full audit and transparency to this cost category for any customer. Both companies are very modern, aiming high globally with proven track records and I am very confident that global customers will benefit a lot of this added-value we can provide together”, said Jaakko Elovaara, Youredi CEO.
Youredi allows companies to streamline the flow of information throughout global e-commerce networks, including parcel logistics, supply chain, financial services and other value networks. The company provides an advanced Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution that integrates data across applications, processes and systems seamlessly, quickly and cost-effectively – on premise, in the cloud and between trading partners. It supports industry standards, interoperability between formats and standards, provides connectivity with other platforms, and integrates seamlessly with internal/external systems, enabling information to be easily shared.

About Youredi
Youredi is the only global provider of a cloud-based Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution for interoperable, low-cost data integration that ensures the seamless flow of information across value networks. Youredi enables its customers to easily and cost-effectively bring data to the right place and at the right time, so they can easily transact with business partners, gain visibility throughout the value chain and better share data in the cloud as well as in disparate applications and systems. Youredi, Ltd, founded in Finland, with offices in Woburn, Mass, US and Singapore is privately held. For more information visit or contact us at

About Logentia

Logentia’s system optimizes the transport selection, eliminates invoicing errors, improves the reliability of delivery and reduces the time taken to manage transportations. Customers will start to accumulate savings immediately after the implementation.
Logentia’s customers are industrial and wholesale companies as well as online retail stores to which transportation costs represent a significant expense item. Many large and medium-sized companies rely on Logentia’s system in the management of transportations globally. The greater the transportation volume, the better the savings.
More information on Logentia website or contact us by email

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