Transportation costs is a major spend especially in whole sale and manufacturing industries, in many cases counting up to between 3-6 % of net sales. Despite the importance, transportation contract tendering is still often carried out in traditional and ineffective ways.

Digitalization has made new effective operating models possible for transportation contract tendering. Logentia’s innovative technology enables powerful combination analysis and simulations based on digitalized freight offers and actual historical transportation transactions from the past 12 months. The analysis gives you powerful new insights about your transportation contracts. Tendering based on this new insight can help you save up to 30% of your transportation costs. This was for example something Logentia helped customer Nanso Group to achieve.

Is your organization’s annual transportation spend more than 300 000 EUR? Are you ready to take new technology in use to save transportation costs and improve your EBIT?

Logentia offers a complete solution to help you reach your saving targets with best-in-class technology and know-how. We support you with:

1. RFQ creation – taking into account your special transportation needs
2. Usage of an eSourcing system in your tendering process
3. Making a combination analysis and simulation based on your digitalized freight offers and your actual historical transportation transactions from the past 12 months
4. Drill-down reporting and analysis to select transportation partners that fit your organization the best.
Logentia offers tendering services with full commitment to the achieved results. Our success and remuneration depends on your success.

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