Logentia is a well justified choice in any industry where transportation costs form a significant expense item. More and more companies in trade and industry have tried our system, seen the results – and remained our customers.

Some of the industries represented by our customers:

  • Construction product industry
  • Technology industry
  • Wholesale of food
  • Printing products industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Building materials trade


Logentia has helped manufacturers cut their transportation costs and improve the quality of their transportation services. The more complex the transport logistics is, the more significant Logentia’s effect is.

Wholesale trade

Large batch sizes and transports across borders create cost pressure to choose the right transportation service. Logentia’s system calculates transportation costs and makes wholesalers’ operations more efficient.


Online retail trade

The varying batch sizes and routes of deliveries as well as tight schedule requirements create a challenge to manage transportation services. Each delivery must be managed efficiently and reliably to ensure competitiveness.

Ready to try?

By optimizing their transport logistics, our customers are able to cut their costs by about 15%. The higher the importance of transportations is to the business, the bigger are the possibilities to achieve significant savings. Contact us, and we will get the ball rolling.

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