Transportation contracts are cumbersome and difficult to compare because the price- and delivery time tables are provided in many different formats. Various spreadsheets are stored somewhere on a network drive and only a few employees have access to the information. This is still common practice in many companies even though transportation costs is a major cost contributor.

The selection of the best transportation company for a specific shipment (A specific route and load) is a static process that is reviewed a couple times a year at best. Goods are moving but transportation costs are not optimized when delivery time requirements and shipping profiles are changing. The process is static, not dynamic and optimized for the particular shipment. This is in many cases due to the lack of transportation contract transparency. Information is not easily available in an easy to use format for the people who are actually ordering the transportation.

Logentia has developed a solution to this problem. Our cloud based service digitalizes and stores your transportation contracts and provides the price- and delivery time information for all available transportation alternatives, just like helps you find the best flights. The information is available through an intuitive web interface where you can find all the information you need.

Transportation costs are a major spend for many companies. In manufacturing and whole sale industries the cost equals between 3-6% of net sales. Logentia’s solutions can help you save cost and help you improve your bottom line. Our customers save in average 15% of their total transportation costs, when they use our digital solution. Are you ready to take new technology in use to save transportation costs and improve your EBIT?

Our experts can help you understand how our system works and how it can help your business:
• In only a few seconds, our system can help you choose the most efficient option for each shipment from your current transport contracts.
• How to choose the best transportation service based on price, delivery time, delivery days or CO2 emissions. (Logentia keeps the fuel surcharges, road taxes, sulphur surcharges and other price factors up to date).
• After making your optimal transport selection, you can order the transportation electronically and print out the freight documents and parcel labels through the integrated transport administration system.

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