Are all your transportation invoices checked manually, or do you rely on random checks? This is one of the key questions in logistics management. Logentia offers the tools for automated invoice control.

Efficiency through automation

Checking transportation invoices is necessary in order to detect invoicing errors and hidden costs. Logentia’s system makes checking invoices 98% more efficient compared with traditional auditing work. As Logentia’s system detects and filters the correctly invoiced transactions from the invoicing material, the expertise of the logistics professionals can be focused on managing and correcting deviations.


Ensure that all invoices are checked

Transportation invoices include systematic and random errors. Invoicing that had been based on an incorrect contract price for more than a year was detected during Logentia’s system’s very first control run with one of our customers. In addition to checking prices, Logentia helps measure whether the promised delivery time of a transportation service has been reached as agreed.


With Logentia you can:

  • Check extremely efficiently whether the agreed prices have been charged for transportation services
  • Control whether the promised delivery times of a transportation service are reached
  • Monitor the number of hidden costs and additional services that are not included in a contract


Ready to try?

By optimizing their transport logistics, our customers are able to cut their costs by about 15%. The higher the importance of transportations is to the business, the bigger are the possibilities to achieve significant savings. Contact us, and we will get the ball rolling.

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