Solutions for managing transportation services

Is your most critical need related to tendering service providers, choosing the most reliable supplier or calculating the correct price for online store deliveries? Read more.

kuljetuspalveluiden_kilpailutus_sinConceptualized tendering of transportation services

Our tendering solution can be adapted to any business operations. We have helped our customers cut their transportation costs by as much as 30 percent through tendering.


optimaalinen_kuljetusvalinta_sinOptimal transport selection

Choosing the optimal transportation service is one of the quickest ways to reduce transportation costs. Logentia’s system enables choosing the best transport option for each shipment based on the customer’s transport contracts.


kuljetusten_hinnoittelu_sinPricing of online store and sales transportations

Profitability will decrease if customers are charged an excessively low transportation fee. On the other hand, an excessively high transportation fee can lead to a decrease in sales, particularly for online stores. Logentia’s transportation pricing tools help overcome these challenges.


kuljetuslaskujen_tarkastus_sinTransportation invoice control

Checking transportation invoices is necessary in order to detect invoicing errors and hidden costs. Logentia’s system makes checking invoices 98% quicker compared with traditional auditing work.

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By optimizing their transport logistics, our customers are able to cut their costs by about 15%. The higher the importance of transportations is to the business, the bigger are the possibilities to achieve significant savings. Contact us, and we will get the ball rolling.


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