If your organization has major spend in transportation costs, then Logentia’s advanced transportation cost analytics tool and services could be something for you. Our analytics tool gives you answers to the following questions: What is your organization’s annual spend on transportation? How the spend is divided between different lanes, weight classes, modes (road, sea, courier, air) and service levels (express, standard)? Have the available contracts been used in an optimal way? Is invoicing done according to the agreed contract price?

Gaining this in-depth visibility to your organization’s transportation costs enable you to take actions that will have a considerable impact on your EBIT. For examp
le; picture a company with 100 MEUR in net sales, 4 MEUR in transportation costs and 5 MEUR in EBIT. For this company a 10% saving in transportation costs will improve the EBIT with 8%. In order to achieve the same EBIT improvement, this company would need to sell 8 MEUR more annually!

Collected rate cards and invoicing statistics from the past 12 months at transaction level is the starting point for the analytics and can be done internally with Excel. For powerful analytics and implementing the actions Logentia’s dedicated software tools and advanced transportation contract knowledge is needed.

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